New Liqui Moly ADVANTAGE App launches in SA

New Liqui Moly ADVANTAGE App launches in SA

Find products and earn points with ease

Since German lubricant, oils and additives brand Liqui Moly launched in South Africa just over a decade ago it has created a rapidly growing local fanbase who love the products. Why? Great results inspire passion!

Now, the team is staying in pole position with the launch of the new Liqui Moly ADVANTAGE App in South Africa. Whether you’re an enthusiast, in a workshop or selling the products – you have an even easier way of finding the right products and earning reward points. And with over 4000 products available, this customised technology is a valuable tool, says Melicia Labuschagne, South Africa Country Director for Liqui Moly. “The App has been created to reward, educate and add value - with all the tools to assist consumers and help clients grow their businesses in the palm of your hand.”

In the competitive lubricant market – brands strive to be one step ahead with innovations for customers and retail partners. “Don’t look sideways at your competitors – focus on winning for the customer,” says Melicia Labuschagne, SA Director for Liqui Moly. “The new Liqui Moly ADVANTAGE App is our way of thanking customers for their loyal support.” 

Modified and localised from an international version available in multiple languages, Labuschagne says the Liqui Moly ADVANTAGE App is a great example of how her team strives to bring customers all the innovation, research and development of a global brand and make it locally relevant. “The South African team has worked hard over the past year to improve and test the app, tailoring it to our customer needs as we continue to grow deep roots and strong partnerships in South Africa.”

A feature of the Liqui Moly ADVANTAGE App is the oil guide. “Oils and additives are highly specialised and should precisely match the engine in question for the best results. Putting in the wrong oil would be like using the wrong spare part and can damage your engine,” says Labuschagne. “We’ve designed the app to be useful for any motorist confronted with a lot of options, and it clears up any uncertainties for professionals.”  The App also provides details of the other operating liquids the vehicle requires, such as oil for the transmission and power steering, brake fluid and antifreeze.

The App was first rolled out and tested with Goldwagen, a key Liqui Moly retail partner. Other Liqui Moly associated retailers have been added and a simple scan of the purchase receipt enables users to earn purchase points that can be redeemed for Liqui Moly merchandise in the Rewards Shop.

Users can also easily scan the barcode of any Liqui Moly product to find relevant information like the product code, technical data or even product videos.  It’s very customisable and user-friendly. “When you add your car, boats, motorcycles or even plane to the Liqui Moly Garage, you will be able to quickly access the best Liqui Moly lubricants for each of them. Indicate your particular interests, and the app recommends the best products for you,” says Labuschagne.  The Liqui Moly ADVANTAGE App also shows where the product is available and features the latest news from Liqui Moly.

Liqui Moly has been on a steady growth path over the last 11 years, with a recent major uptick showing 37% growth year to date compared to the same period in 2018.  “We’re excited and humbled to see major retail partners now coming to us to carry the Liqui Moly range. We’ll keep innovating to earn this trust with the best quality products, advice, service and tools,” says Labuschagne.

The LIQUI MOLY ADVANTAGE app is available free of charge for iOS and Android.

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