The Continent’s Definitive Energy Event

The Continent’s Definitive Energy Event

The political and economic climate in Africa has improved over the past two decades, thereby presenting the continent as a viable investment decision for international stakeholders. Having an abundance of natural resources for power generation (Africa receives over two and a half times what, Germany, a world leader in solar renewables, receives), an increased interest in low-carbon technologies, battery storage, distributed generation solutions and integrated grids, the region’s energy realm is undergoing a positive transition, simultaneously creating a multitude of opportunities for African nations and global investors to capitalise on.

The Africa Energy Indaba is the continent’s definitive energy conference, providing an annual agenda that influences energy policy for Africa. The prestigious event serves as the ideal platform for achieving Africa's energy vision for a sustainable energy future and keeping abreast of global energy competitors in this dynamic energy landscape.

Exhibition showcase of energy solutions

Africa Energy Indaba provides participating exhibitors with the exclusive opportunity to showcase innovative solutions to alleviate Africa’s energy concerns and promote their businesses to local industry players, international investors, buyers and governments worldwide. These visionaries are proactively seeking the necessary answers to overcome the challenges Africa faces owing to current and future energy demands and are proving to be invaluable assets to the continent’s energy realm.

Relevant discussions at the Conference

Innovation; shifts in policy and consumer demands; and the reducing costs of new technology are driving rapid change within local, national and global energy systems. Renewables, distributed energy and smart grids demand new capabilities, new business models and legislative frameworks. The conference will uncover the role of digitalisation in creating modern and affordable energy sources without inhibiting development; and to consider climate change with reference to Africa’s rapid development.

Who attends?

International delegates comprise an astute combination of project developers, financiers, industry experts, energy users, government officials, energy industry manufacturers, utilities, regulators, power developers, policy makers, EPC contractors, institutional investors, development banks, commercial banks, fund managers, private equity investors, multilateral financial institutions, technology providers, consultants, law firms, IOCs & NOCs along with large energy consumers.

Recognised as the World Energy Council’s African event and with strategic partnerships with the South African National Energy Association and the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency, amongst others, ensure the event is backed by leading energy drivers. These high-profile associates are equipped with expert sectoral knowledge to pragmatically select the event’s content specifically pertaining to Africa’s energy sector.

The Africa Energy Indaba will be hosted on the 3 – 4 March 2020 in Cape Town

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