How to survive these tough times in South Africa!

How to survive these tough times in South Africa!

What do we all do while the South African economy isn’t growing?

Suits & Sneakers would like to invite you to our next event in Gauteng which takes place on the evening of Wednesday, 7 August at The Galleria in Sandton! The theme for this event is: “How to THRIVE in tough economic times”.


Right now, South Africa is in the midst of a tough economic climate and we figured there was no more relevant a topic to discuss than how to thrive in tough economic times. The key word here is “thrive”. Most people are just in survival mode at the moment which is understandable but we want to help people move to a place of abundance.

PLEASE NOTE: To add to the occasion, Suits & Sneakers will be donating all the profits from this event to Christel House South Africa which is a school in Cape Town that educates the poorest of the poor at no cost!


This event is going to be a 120 minute extravaganza. We have asked some really smart people to join us on the night to give their best advice on how to thrive during tough economic times. Each interview will last for a total of 15 minutes. There will be no introductions or time wasting, and we will get straight into our guest speaker’s theme and advice!


  • WHEN: Wednesday, 7 August 2019
  • WHERE: The Galleria in Sandton
  • TIME: 18h00 – 21h00
  • COST: R130 per person
  • TICKET LINK: https://qkt.io/SSThriveJHB


  • MARK SHAM: This Founder of Suits & Sneakers will be your host for this evening. I have specifically curated the following speakers and topics to try help you THRIVE in this tough South African economic climate!
  • JOHN SANEI & ERIK KRUGER: These two have been massively influential to the growth of Suits & Sneakers. They will help us understand the mindset you need for abundance. They explain how your subconscious thoughts act as the blue print for your life.
  • DOC MARTY (also known as Martin Kruger): A regular Suits & Sneakers speaker who is doing incredible things in the wellness space. At this event, he will be speaking about what meditation is and the value it has to quiet the mind.
  • LEAN GIRL (also known as Angelique Daubermann): We believe that when tough times hit, we all absolutely need to focus on getting healthy. Angie’s health/fitness journey has been fascinating and we really believe her tips and strategies will add value to this topic.
  • MUSHAMBI MUTUMA: This tech entrepreneur recently written a book called “Tech Adjacent – The Exponential Guide to Leveraging Technology for Business Success”. Our question to him is: How do we use exponential technology to create leverage and scale so that we work smarter and not just harder?
  • JUSTIN COHEN: This international speaker has written a book called “Pitch to Win” and I have personally watched a lot of his content. His thinking around sales, especially during tough times, is revolutionary.
  • TARYN SHARMAN & PERRI KING: This powerful duo are all about growth marketing. Instead of buttoning down to weather current economic conditions, Taryn and Perri have a different message: It’s time to focus on growth instead.
  • SAMKE MHLONGO: One of our absolute favourite people on earth with the most incredible energy! She is also a leading wealth coach who we believe has some really incredible advice around wealth creation!


This event would not be possible without the help of Smile Club and Naked Insurance.


This is an organisation that is very close to our hearts because they educate almost 1,000 of the poorest kids in the Western Cape at NO COST.

To give you some additional perspective, only households that earn LESS than R1500 per month can even apply. Once accepted, Christel House also feeds all the kids during the day (breakfast and lunch) and they have a bus service to get the kids to school and back each day. They even have full-time nurses and social workers/counselors available for the kids because they come from some pretty harsh backgrounds. They have a 100% Matric pass rate and almost 70% of the graduates meet the requirements for admission to bachelor’s degree programs.

Suits & Sneakers originally started to help fix some of the many education issues in South Africa. This is an organisation that is doing just that and we genuinely want to help!


We have created a Facebook event for this event to spread awareness about this special cause. Please help us by visiting the page and inviting a few of your friends. It only takes a few seconds:

Or if you’re feeling really generous, you can share this article on your social media channels. Thank you for all your help in advance!

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