Continental Launches Brand Name Change for ram Automotive Fan Belts and Multi-V Belts

Continental Launches Brand Name Change for ram Automotive Fan Belts and Multi-V Belts
  • Brand-shift: ram automotive fan and multi-V belts will be sold under the Continental brand name in the future; premium quality remains guaranteed
  • New, globally harmonized packaging design will ensure greater clarity on distributors' shelves
  • ram brand will continue for car and commercial vehicle spares including selected automotive hoses, anti-freeze, hose clamps, radiator caps, and Weldit radiator seal

The technology company Continental is carrying out a brand shift in the automotive drive system aftermarket with its current ram-branded fan belts and multi-V belts. To be phased in during the second half of 2019, these product lines will be distributed and sold under the Continental banner in South Africa and Sub-Saharan African markets, in line with global trends.

"The automotive innovations of today are the workshop business of tomorrow. Thanks to our corporation-wide synergies, our customers can have confidence in our ability to promptly adapt current original equipment trends to the special needs of the aftermarket. That means we can offer demand-driven solutions that will prove a hit for distributors, workshops and customers," explained Rolf Sudmann, who is responsible for the global aftermarket business for drive systems at Continental.

"By rebranding this important line of fan belts and multi-V belts, we are pooling our in-house expertise and resources in the aftermarket equipment segments under the Continental brand, which is renowned around the world for premium quality and excellence," added Lynne Dunn, sales manager for drive belts in South Africa. "This will give our customers the assurance that they are fitting the very best belts that match the stringent original equipment specifications."

While the Continental-branded products will be easily identified by eye-catching new standardised packaging designs, with large-format images on the boxes illustrating which products they contain. "Our products have a high level of penetration in the automotive aftermarket, and we will continue looking after this segment by offering superb value for money matched to even higher levels of product quality with the new Continental belts," Dunn said.

This doesn't mean the end of extensive ram product range, however, as it will still remain the brand of choice in selected automotive hose lines for cars and commercial vehicles, including hoses for radiators, air brakes, fuel lines, air-conditioning systems and heaters. The company's range also includes anti-freeze, hose clamps, lever vent radiator caps and Weldit radiator seal. It will continue to be sold along with the Continental fan belts and multi-V belts through the major national automotive spares outlets, larger independent spares retailers and export houses.

Rubber & Associated Manufacturers, or ram, was formed in 1981 and has a long and proud legacy, having established itself as one of the region's leading automotive brands. Continental purchased the ram brand in 2015, thus bringing customers an even wider range of products and services.

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