MasterDrive Newsletter - 23 July 2019

MasterDrive Newsletter - 23 July 2019

MasterTips: How to deal with aggressive drivers

  • Increased traffic and infrastructure that struggles to cater for this means drivers are increasingly aggressive on the roads. This is what to do next time someone is aggressive towards you while driving

MasterTest: Sam says it brakes well

  • The Renault Kwid is proving to be a popular option, especially for first-time buyers who want a new but affordable car. The latest model has been upgraded to include ABS and MasterDrive took it for a brake test.

MasterNews: A comprehensive fleet management solution

  • Imagine if you were able to manage every aspect of your fleet from one place. MasterDrive has partnered with SaFleet, which is a platform that allows you to do exactly that.


  • A church needs a new bell-ringer and a guy with no arms applies. "But you've got no arms!" everyone exclaims. He says "I'll use my mouth." So he uses his mouth to ring the bell and goes flying out the window because the bell is so heavy. A crowd gathers as he lies on the ground, "Who's that guy?" "I dunno, but his face rings a bell!!"

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