MasterDrive Newsletter - 09 July 2019

MasterDrive Newsletter - 09 July 2019

MasterTips: Distraction – comes down to culture

  • Distraction is a complex issue which is often underestimated. It often relates to tasks drivers have done hundreds, if not thousands of times previously, without incident. Then, a degree of complacency results and risk-taking thresholds can be pushed.

MasterTest: Driving Expressions: VW Crafter 50 Panel Van

  • VW aims to set new standards for assistance systems in the large vans segment with their latest Crafter offering economy, reliability and functionality. It’s a remarkably well-equipped vehicle – catering for SME business owners who want both a canopy and branding opportunities.

MasterNews: Speeding and South African perceptions

  • A recent viral video shows a driver reaching speeds of 322km/h. Yet, rather than expressing their intolerance of reckless driving, many South Africans are amused by the driver’s antics.


  • Father: Son, please check if the headlights are on.
    Son: No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes

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