2 weeks to go: Don’t miss these Key Panel Discussions at Manufacturing Indaba

2 weeks to go: Don’t miss these Key Panel Discussions at Manufacturing Indaba


African Ministerial Panel: Vision to Action
Manufacturing as a powerhouse of emerging countries and economies

Emerging economies have recognised the importance of supporting industrial development as a means to achieving inclusive economic growth. The manufacturing sector faces ever-changing skill and technology requirements as well as the need to continuously improve productivity and performance through skills development, education and technology. Addressing market opportunities particularly through localisation is an important policy tool for industrial development and will assist in growing the African economies and the manufacturing sector.

Discussion points:

  • How does localisation create a more inclusive economy?
  • Would a regional approach be possible, and what are the views of the panellists on how such a regional government procurement programme could work?
  • Are there sufficient incentives to attract international companies to set up manufacturing plants or expand their current operations?
  • Is the continent still dependent on minerals and commodities as a driver of economic growth?
  • What lessons can we learn from successful emerging economies in how they have developed the manufacturing sector as a core enabler of broader economic growth and development.


The role of industry 4.0: A framework to accelerate change

The manufacturing sector is an important driver of growth of any economy and manufacturing remains at the tipping point of an industrial revolution. At the center is the cyber-physical system which turns isolated, physical operations into integrated, digital solutions. New technologies are starting to dominate, from collaborative robots to 3D printers and these will play a vital role in this industrial paradigm that promises improvements to every pillar of production and the creation of entirely new business models.  

Discussion points:

  • Much of the progress in cutting-edge technology is now making its way into mainstream manufacturing. What positive outcomes and growth potential can be achieved through the implementation of Industry 4.0?
  • What initiatives are there in place to address training and skills development for Industry 4.0?
  • How advanced are South African/African manufacturers in actively seeking to control, streamline, optimise or enhance their production lines towards optimum efficiency and profitability?
  • Industry 4.0 enables mass customization which offers greater flexibility for companies to meet varied demand from their customers. How could these type of customised business models be applied to the South African market taking into account the impetus towards localisation?


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