MasterDrive Newsletter - 11 June 2019

MasterDrive Newsletter - 11 June 2019

MasterTips: Fatigue management for truck drivers

  • While other industries implement a range of fatigue management strategies, truck drivers in SA can still be at risk. A new, world-first, study into fatigue in heavy vehicles has some startling revelations.

MasterTest: Launch review BMW X7

  • The BMW X7 is now available in South Africa. The car offers drivers new levels of luxury, spaciousness and versatile and agile driving that one would expect from a sports car.

MasterNews: Welcome to MasterDrive

  • MasterDrive's recent client-centric initiatives resulted in growth at the business. Consequently, the team at MasterDrive would like to welcome new members to their team, specifically the sales and training teams.


  • After you get married you get three rings. The first one is the engagement ring. The second is the marriage ring. The third one is ...(suffer)ring!

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