MasterDrive Newsletter - 14 May 2019

MasterDrive Newsletter - 14 May 2019

MasterTips: Risky drivers compound bad behavior

  • Drivers who engage in risky behavior are often found engaging in other risky behaviors at the same time, according to new data released by a US provider of video telematics, analytics and safety solutions for fleets.

MasterTest: Renault Duster

  • This car has improved considerably. While it was satisfactory before it was not quite exciting. The latest version takes the car to a new level, so much so it is like I was driving a completely different car all together.

MasterNews: Did you #SpeakUp during road safety week?

  • The UN’s annual road safety week encourages drivers to #SpeakUp for road safety. While we expect government and other organisations to take responsibility for road safety, how often do we #SpeakUp when we see dangerous driving habits of friends, family, colleagues and even ourselves?


  • There are 3 bikers Poop, Manners and Shut up. Poop fell off his motorcycle and Manners went to help him. Shut Up is pulled over by a cop. "What’s your name?" "Shut Up." "No, what's your name?" "Shut up." "I'll ask you one more time what is your name?" "Shut Up!" "Where are your manners? "Back there picking up poop."

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