How refurbished car batteries compare to new ones

How refurbished car batteries compare to new ones

Good quality car batteries have an impressive lifespan of up to five years. Old car batteries can be refurbished into workable second-hand batteries. The question is whether you can trust a cheaper refurbished battery to reliably power your car and all its electrical components. This will depend on your driving habits and the amount of attention you are willing to give to battery maintenance.

In order to keep your car battery healthy and extend its lifespan, the battery specialists recommend getting a free battery check twice a year at any Battery Centre. However, this rule doesn’t necessarily apply to refurbished batteries.

Refurbished car batteries are widely available and are generally much cheaper than new ones. The refurbishing process involves the replacement of old battery acid and running a reverse current through the system to add lead dioxide back to the positive battery plates. However, this process can damage the battery plates and shorten the battery life.

As a result, these batteries don’t hold nearly as much charge as they once did. They tend to lose power and their ability to recharge fully – a phenomenon called the “memory effect” in which a refurbished battery only “remembers” to charge up to a particular point. This occurrence can take effect shortly after purchasing a refurbished battery and as a result, they are much less durable and dependable than brand-new car batteries. 

Many people also prefer the assurance of a brand-new battery and are not willing to risk the potential damage that can be caused by a faulty refurbished battery. If you’re considering a refurbished car battery, keep in mind that these batteries can malfunction at any time and require more frequent battery repairs and expenses than anticipated.

Also consider the potential impact on the environment. During the refurbishing process, harmful chemicals must be neutralised before they can be safely disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations. Battery recycling is an extremely important consideration for Battery Centre, not only for the recovery of valuable materials, but for the on-going protection of the environment. In fact, more than 90% of all scrap batteries in South Africa are fully recycled into brand-new batteries.

To safely dispose of your old car battery and to get a discount on a new battery, visit a Battery Centre near you.