4 Tips on Buying a Car That Is Less Likely to Be Stolen

4 Tips on Buying a Car That Is Less Likely to Be Stolen

No one buys a car just to be stolen, and yet many people inadvertently do.

Choice of vehicle is one of the factors car insurers consider when adjusting premiums because some automobiles are more attractive to criminals than others. Car thieves like to play favorites, and many of them specialize in stealing certain models.

Below are some of the tips automotive experts like to preach to avoid falling victim to car theft.

Check Out the Statistics

Most thieves are on the hunt for popular cars because their parts are always in high demand and therefore are easier to sell.

Based on this logic, Toyota Corolla is the vehicle that is at greatest risk of getting stolen. According to an infographic by https://carsurance.net/reviews/ car insurance review site this sedan is the best selling car in history with over 40 million units sold throughout its five decade reign.

But then again, popularity alone does not determine the attractiveness of a vehicle to thieves. The National Insurance Crime Bureau’s 2016 Hot Wheels Report reveals that Toyota Corolla (2015) is only the eight most stolen car in America. Honda Accord (1997) and Honda Civic (1998) rank first and second respectively.

Don’t Choose an Old Car

Generally, the older the vehicle, the easier it is to steal due to a lack of advanced security features. Cars aged 20 years and older are the favorite targets of experienced thieves.

Take Extra Precautions

Retrofitting security features to an old car can go a long way. Anti-theft hardware as simple as a giant metal bar serves as an effective deterrence against stealing attempts.

Moreover, displaying stickers can make even the most determined thieves think twice. Anything that suggests that a vehicle is equipped with a tracking device or an alarm can throw off criminals.

Drive Stick

In any country, like the United States, where motorists are more familiar to automatic cars, vehicles with manual transmissions are much safer to own. After all, thieves will not try to steal something they cannot drive.

Car safety begins with the choice of vehicle. It pays to think like a thief early on to avoid getting victimized by one down the road

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