Automatic for more people: Motulevo launches in South Africa

Automatic for more people: Motulevo launches in South Africa

Automatic cars have always been a popular option in South Africa, with an estimated 10.2 million such vehicles on the country’s roads in 2016. One major drawback of choosing an automatic over a car with manual transmission has been the lack of service centres equipped to change automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

That is set to change, however, with the launch of Motul’s MotulEvo automatic gearbox maintenance system. Successfully pioneered in 13 European countries, the MotulEvo system is set to transform the experience of driving and servicing automatic vehicles nationwide. ATF demand in South Africa is projected to almost double by 2025 (from 2016 levels), so this is a timely entry into the market.

MotulEvo is not just one product, but a complete package of products and services that combine to give trained retailer or workshop staff the capacity to flush, analyse and change automatic transmission fluid.

“We are excited to be able to bring the MotulEvo system to South Africa”, commented Mercia Jansen, Motul Area Manager for Southern and Eastern Africa. “It will provide garages and workshops with the tools they need to enhance their customer service offering and grow their business. The arrival of MotulEvo underlines our commitment to both the industry and vehicle owners as a supplier of quality oil and lubricant solutions”.

Mercia explained that the MotulEvo system has three key components: the MotulEvo flush machine; a dedicated proprietary website; and the provision of training for retailer and workshop personnel.

The flush machine comes complete with all the fittings required to work on the majority of automatic transmission vehicles. The latest version is equipped with new oil analysis software and a database of ATF requirements and specifications for over 500 vehicles.

Easily accessible through smart devices, the MotulEvo website is fully customisable and offers locally relevant information (thanks to geo-location technology) regarding maintenance protocols, oil and oil filters, gearboxes and identification plates.

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of this new system is the training component. Available at three different levels, MotulEvo Basic - the focused training concentrates on the technical and commercial aspects of the system; MotulEvo Essential - practical tips and best practice for using the flush machine; and MotulEvo Expert - theoretical and hands-on automatic transmission training.

With training tailored to the differing needs of retailer and workshop staff, MotulEvo is designed to counteract some of the more concerning trends being observed amongst automatic vehicle owners.

Because of the previous lack of opportunities for ATF changing, vehicle owners have tended to go for longer between gearbox services and extended use of lubricants. Even with quality lubricants (such as those manufactured by Motul), not following the manufacturer’s advice regarding maintenance and care of drive systems can result in high levels of ATF contaminants.

This in turn can lead to anything from minor issues (such as jerking, delayed shifting or implausible gear shifting processes) to the need to replace the entire transmission, which can be a very costly procedure.

The advent of MotulEvo in South Africa is an important step towards better and more frequent automatic transmission services, an enhanced driving experience for owners, and new revenue-generating opportunities for retailers and workshops.

For more information about the MotulEvo automatic gearbox maintenance system, please visit: https://za.motulevo.com/en/

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