HPVR-500 vacuum truck fits the bill for Mdndibi’s Tshwane contract

Owner Dimakatso Taking Delivery of HPVR 500

To execute its stormwater drains and sewer line cleaning contract awarded by the City of Tshwane, Mdndibi Business Enterprise has taken delivery of a new HPVR-500 vacuum truck from leading industrial equipment supplier, Shumani Industrial Equipment.

Mdndibi Business Enterprise is a black woman-owned business founded by Dimakatso Maluleke back in 2004. It initially has its roots in catering and then construction, before it found a niche in industrial cleaning and waste collection.

As proof that the business has done the hard yards in the waste industry, Mdndibi Business Enterprise was recently awarded a 36-year contract by the City of Tshwane to clean stormwater drains and sewer lines in the Soshanguve area.

Owner Dimakatso Maluleke explains that she quickly went into the market for a fitting piece of equipment to execute the job. She eventually opted for the HPVR-500 vacuum truck supplied by Shumani Industrial Equipment on the 19th of October 2018.

According to Maluleke, one of the key considerations that informed the buying decision is the compact nature of the HPVR-500, given the space constraints in areas where it’s due to be deployed. “We found the HPVR-500 combination jetting and vacuum truck to be the perfect fit for this contract, largely due to the fact that it is small enough to work in the space-constrained rural areas,” she says, adding that the unit has performed beyond expectations thus far.

Victor Nemukula, Director at Shumani Industrial Equipment, explains that with compact dimensions, the base combined vacuum and jetting unit is the ideal gulley sucker to work in close quarters. Manufactured locally by Highpoint Vacuum, the HPVR-500 is a robust, no-frills mild steel unit for non-hazardous goods application. It features a 12,5 m³ tank, 2 500-litre service liquid tank for long continuous operation.

“The tank is made from 304L stainless steel which offers superior resistance against corrosion. The hydraulic suction boom and 120 m hydraulic jetting hose reel is standard with a variety of suction and hose options. The tri-lobe blower is compact and extremely silent, making it a perfect fit for working in residential areas,” explains Nemukula.

The HPVR-500’s tank tips hydraulically with a 14-t tipping cylinder, up to 50 degree tipping angle. The tank features a full opening rear door with hydraulic opening and adjustable hinges; the door fastens with four hydraulic operated clamps with mechanical locking to prevent accidental opening while driving. The door is secured in the opening position by a mechanical safety hook to prevent accidental closing during tank cleaning and maintenance procedures.

The tank is fitted with D100 PN16 ball valves at the back for suction and liquid discharge operations, fitted with perrot-type couplings, blanks with 12 mm drain valve and 90-degree elbow. It is also fitted with flared spillage chutes at the back to limit spillage during dumping. Two revolving strobe lights are fitted on the tank for night time visibility with a work light at the back for night time operation.

“The vacuum comes with a self-tensioning pulley system to protect the pump. It also comes with a bolt-on drive guard for easy access and belt replacement. An inspection louver is on guard for inspection and ventilation,” concludes Nemukula.

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