NEASA B-BBEE announcement

NEASA B-BBEE announcement

Dear Employer

B-BBEE compliance is a big frustration to most companies and there are various misconceptions surrounding it.  In many instances advice is given which compromises the effectiveness of companies without providing any real benefit.

It is in the light of the above that we have appointed a panel of experts to advice you in the best possible manner regarding the very important, albeit sometimes very controversial, matter of B-BBEE. This service will only be offered to members where the need for B-BBEE compliance has been identified.


  • assess the BEE status of companies
  • design BEE strategies and plans that will improve the BEE scores of companies
  • assist with implementation of BEE strategies
  • monitor progress
  • simplified verification processes
  • provision of cost effective, efficient, professional and credible BEE consulting services through ethical practices and competent personnel

If you are interested, you need to act NOW.

Three of the five elements on the B-BBEE Scorecard are measured over a company’s financial period. The effect hereof is that a company with a financial year end of 28 February 2019, needs to comply with the following elements:

  • skills development;
  • supplier & enterprise development; and
  • socio economic development.

In order to achieve the best possible score in respect of these elements, the necessary steps must be implemented before 28 February 2019. Any member requiring this service must contact us urgently by clicking here.

Kind Regards
NEASA Labour Compliance (Pty) Ltd

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