Get ready for the biggest trade show of the year with the Vermont Sales annual Open trade Day on the 15, 16 and 17th March.

Get ready for the biggest trade show of the year with the Vermont Sales annual Open trade Day on the 15, 16 and 17th March.

Plans are in place to make this year’s show bigger and better than all the past shows, with the many new brands, new products and product ranges, new launches, great demo’s and exciting introductory offers  

This year Customers will see the latest innovative products from Festool, the exciting hand tool range from Tork Craft, plus their awesome 12-volt cordless Oscillating power tool. Alpen Drills Austria will also be launching the new Force-X at the show, plus new products from all the leading international brands Kreg, Bessey, Felo, Fixman, Olfa, Howard and Energizer. All the brands will have their full range on display such as Multi Sharp, Rawlplug, Miles, Malco, Pony, ACCUD, Bondhus, Pro Tech, Drill Doctor, Wedgit and the famous world leader in the safest saws SawStop. All these key brands will also be demonstrated, displayed, on the show and the stands will be manned by both local and international experts.  

“Added to all the new brands and products there will also be great range of new innovative instore display material, new shelving, POP and POS from all our suppliers,” said Ryan Hunt Sales Director Vermont Sales. “Highlights are the international guests and exciting demonstrations taking place over the three days not mention our normal introductory deals and special offers which cannot be missed,” said Hunt

The show also offers dealers an opportunity to grow their range of products for their businesses for the year ahead. Suppliers from Germany, America, Austria, Japan, Poland, Canada, China, the UK and Africa will all be in attendance. This is the opportunity to gain valuable insights in the market and pick up on world trends on tools and sales.

Many of the international brands are also celebrating the many years of being in business, 2019 is a big year to celebrate with Rawlplug on their 100-year anniversary, Olfa 40 years ago designed the first rotary cutter and Felo goes into an incredible 140 years of trading and always has a great new product line up for the show. Alpen and Energizer will be launching brand new products for the first time to SA customers.

Be sure to register to make your arrival quick and pleasant www.vsevents.co.za click Open Day

As always, at these Open Day trade weekends, the Vermont team will be laying it on for their customers with a full food and refreshment service throughout the show days.

RSVP to www.vsevents.co.za click Open Day, Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or visit their web site www.vermontsales.co.za Trade enquires welcome 011 314 7711. Released by Vermont Sales

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