MasterDrive Newsletter - 15 January 2019

MasterDrive Newsletter - 15 January 2019

MasterTips: Three factors driving fleets

  • Safety, sustainability and fuel-efficiency are the three factors that create synergy within your fleet.

MasterTest: Sam says it’s litres ahead

  • The Suzuki Swift is a worthy contender in the compact car segment. It offers everything needed from this segment: great price, fantastic fuel economy and a confident drive.

MasterNews: Back to work road safety

  • As most people are already back at work, they are likely already facing their daily commute on the roads. This is a reminder of the driving skills that can keep you safe on the roads again this year.


  • A guy goes into a bar. He orders a beer and after a while he needs the toilet. Because he is afraid someone will drink his beer, he puts a note on it saying: "I spat in this beer, don’t drink!" When he returns there is another note on the beer, saying "So did I!"

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