MasterDrive Newsletter - 31 December 2018

MasterDrive Newsletter - 31 December 2018

MasterTips: Holiday tips for towing

Many people are leaving for their end-of-year breaks with trailers and caravans in tow. Effective towing requires additional skills as it affects acceleration, braking and manoeuvrability. It can also have tragic consequences if a mistake is made.

MasterTest: Bike Expressions: Honda CRF250RX arrives

Honda Motorcycles Southern Africa is proud to announce the arrival of the 2019 CRF250RX. It arrives in cross-country specification further strengthening Honda's off-road line-up.

MasterNews: MasterDrive introduces eLearning

MasterLearning provides even more opportunities to enjoy the benefits of defensive driver training when traditional forms of training are not available. This is MasterDrive’s way of contributing to the longevity and success of South African businesses.


Sue turns on her computer without a keyboard connected. The computer detects there is no keyboard and it displays a ‘Keyboard Error’ message. She groans irritably, “Why did it give me a keyboard error? There isn’t even a keyboard attached?”

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