MasterDrive Newsletter - 24 December 2018

MasterDrive Newsletter - 24 December 2018

MasterTips: How to drive with badly maintained trucks

As many motorists head to holiday destinations in the coming weeks, it’s important to do what they can to be aware of badly maintained trucks and also not endanger themselves or truck drivers when sharing the roads.

MasterTestMasterTest: MasterDrive’s pick for fleets

If you plan on upgrading your fleet in 2019, MasterDrive has selected the latest VW Polo Vivo as a worthy contender for the job.

MasterNewsMasterNews: BBB-EE Level 2 status

During 2018, MasterDrive achieved a BBB-EE Level 2 status. This is an important step going forward, as the company constantly strives to improve its status.


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