FrogzEggz® from Pratley a must for every workshop

FrogzEggz® from Pratley a must for every workshop

As Pratley’s FrogzEggz® hand-mouldable plastic product finds its way into workshops, crafters’ studios and DIYers’ toolboxes, savvy contractors are keeping a supply of it handy to make threaded wing nuts or other fasteners on the fly.

With just a cup of boiling water and the appropriate quantity of product, FrogzEggz® conforms to the thread of a bolt, making for a fastener that is ideal for the application at hand.

A bespoke FrogzEggz® threaded fastener provides a quick fix, and no downtime in having to purchase additional bolts or wing nuts. Solutions like these have been the mainstay of Pratley Products since Pratley Putty changed the way we seal, join, and repair just about anything.

As craftsmen and artisans start to feel the pressure on both time and resources in a deadline-driven economy, Pratley FrogzEggz® offers innovative solutions that beat the clock, while staying within budget.

From fixing damaged plastic parts in tools to creating handles, clips, ball joints, pistol grips and the perfect fastener, there’s a world of possibilities with Pratley FrogzEggz®.

An added advantage of FrogzEggz® is that it can be reused over and over by simply re-submerging it in hot water until it softens again, whereupon it can then be remoulded.

Separate components or elements can be stuck together by heating the surfaces and fusing them together. Alternatively, this can be achieved using Pratley Powda Bond or Pratley Superglue Gel adhesive.

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Please view the step by step how to video on this link: http://media.ngage.co.za/frogzeggz-from-pratley-a-must-for-every-workshop

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