Ferodo® Quantum Taxi pads feature innovative Eco-Friction® technology in new packaging

The Ferodo Eco-Friction Taxi brake pad range is designed specifically for the Toyota Quantum minibus.

Product offering from Ferodo increases stopping power, improves safety and durability

Federal-Mogul Motorparts today announced the launch of new packaging for its Ferodo® Eco-Friction® Taxi brake pad range. The pads are designed specifically for the extremely popular Toyota Quantum minibus, familiar to many throughout South Africa. The new packaging aims to differentiate the product to make it more easily recognisable. The pads, which are manufactured locally in South Africa, feature Ferodo’s zero-copper Eco-Friction technology, and provide OE-quality and performance, while reducing pad and disc wear and being safer for the environment.

The new packaging has several key features to provide customers with clear information on the benefits of Ferodo Eco-Friction Taxi pads. The logo uses the South African flag to indicate that the product is manufactured locally, and highlights the product quality. The profile image of a Toyota Quantum taxi reinforces the association between the class-leading pads and the iconic minibus, making the application for the product easily identifiable.

The image of the pad itself on the packaging aligns with the product in the box, while the Eco-Friction logo lets potential purchasers know this is one of Ferodo’s renowned copper-free brake pads. On the back of the box, the brake-pad line drawing and R90 certification that meets OE-equivalent standards are featured, ensuring that the brake pad performs as intended. The packaging also has a unique security label that can be scanned and verified as a genuine product, guaranteeing that the contents of the box are Ferodo genuine products.

“Extensive field testing* conducted as part of the initial development of the new pad and disc range revealed the dangerously poor conditions of a number of brake systems in taxis on the road every day, which poses a serious safety risk to daily commuters should these systems fail,” explains Federal-Mogul Motorparts Technical Manager Albertus Steyn. “We identified a significant opportunity to increase safety, so we addressed these issues by developing a product with a combination of improved performance and reduced wear. With the use of Ferodo’s Eco-Friction technology, we were also able to significantly reduce the quantity of metal within the friction material, which will prevent the emission of harmful metal particulates. The new packaging makes these benefits more obvious to customers, and will hopefully lead to a greater number of minibuses with safer braking systems.”

Eco-Friction offers considerable environmental benefits, due to the removal of copper as a brake friction material. Federal-Mogul Motorparts was the first company to secure OE approval for this innovative, environment-friendly technology, which is already being used by major automotive manufacturers such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

Ferodo’s range of Eco-Friction pads is available for an increasing number of vehicles. The Ferodo people carrier range currently covers 16 references, including manufacturers BAW, Toyota, CAM, Foton, Nissan, VW, Mercedes-Benz and Iveco. Recent competitor tests*, using a Toyota Quantum as the test vehicle, highlighted a performance advantage of up to 6% in stopping distance tests. The Eco-Friction material is now copper-free, and helps reduce disk wear without compromising braking performance.

“We want to do our part to help keep South African roads safe, and one way to do that is by making high-quality brake pads that are specifically designed and tested for the most popular transport vehicles, like the Toyota Quantum,” Steyn concludes. “The next step is to ensure that customers understand the safety benefits of the product, which is what we have addressed with this new packaging. When you also take into consideration the environmental credentials of these pads, the choice for customers becomes clear: Ferodo Eco-Friction Taxi brake pads.”

To learn more about Ferodo or its Eco-Friction Taxi brake pads, please visit Ferodo.Co.ZA.

*For more information on the testing, contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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