Reduce your costs by dealing direct with the leading Turbo experts TurboDirect

Leading international original OEM brands Garrett by Honeywell, Borg Warner Holset, IHI and Mitsubishi turbochargers

Officially appointed distributors for original OEM brands Garrett by Honeywell, and BorgWarner turbocharger systems. Direct importers for Mitsubishi, Holset and IHI turbochargers.

Customers have a huge advantage by working direct with TurboDirect S.A the official agents for these leading brands as the costs will be drastically less than any other service providers and one is ensured that the correct original identical brand turbocharger that was first fit onto your engine, will be fitted, and installed correctly. TurboDirect S.A also do Diagnostics, tests, repairs, servicing, fitment, and new replacement turbochargers in their new in-house fitment centre located in Isando. 

“Our name says it all TurboDirect S.A, when we created the company name it was to get across to all that now, everyone can work directly with our company,” said Chris Kambouris founder and Managing Director of TurboDirect S.A. This would save all customers massive costs be it the trade or the end user. It would also insure that the correct model and brand turbo would be fitted to the car or vehicle.” 

“Our company offers a lot more just than selling the correct Turbocharger, we also offer a full test report on Turbo’s and will give you a full run down of the problem you are having, its causes and effects on related components, plus we are also able to correct the problem, and advise customers as to whether it can be repaired or would have to be replaced,” said Kambouris.

The industry, both trade and vehicle owners are also not aware that the TurboDirect S.A brands are OE and the very same units that are a first-fit in their vehicles from new, at the same time they are not aware of the very affordable pricing from the company and one can deal directly with them and have it fitted or simply purchase the turbocharger, and have it fitted by a dealer or service centre, and still receiving the financial benefit of dealing directly with the largest OEM turbocharger distributor in Africa.

The group recently launched an industry first, a specialised, in-house turbocharger fitment centre, wholly owned by TurboDirect S.A, now one can purchase a new genuine brand turbocharger direct from South Africa’s official distributor and have them install it at prices much lower than any other OEM source in South Africa.

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