MasterDrive Newsletter - 02 October 2018

MasterDrive Newsletter - 02 October 2018

MasterTips: 5 Wet weather driving mistakes to avoid

With weather warnings of rain later this week, there comes increased probability of one’s vehicle skidding in the wet. These are MasterDrive’s top 5 tips to avoid traffic incidents in the wet weather.

MasterTest: Driving Expressions: BMW X2

The X2 epitomises Eugene Herbert’s ideal BMW – while named an X2 is doesn’t have the ‘odd’ sloping roof of its bigger brothers but yet seems to create space. The combination of SUV and Station wagon combine to be ‘just right.’

MasterNews: Women in Transport

MasterDrive in association with PinkDrive will be hosting their annual awareness event in a few week’s time. This year’s theme ‘Women in Transport’ will recognise all ladies making waves in the industry while also contributing to the safety of all the ladies on the roads.


As a blonde drives down the street she spots another blonde in a row boat in the middle of a field. She is so angry she slams the brakes, jumps out the car and screams, "Don’t be stupid! Dumb blondes like you give smart blondes like me a bad name. I have half a mind to swim out there and kick your butt!"

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