3000 For Change by Mina Foundation

3000 For Change by Mina Foundation

In each month, a great number of women and young girls are challenged with going about their daily lives during their days of menstruation. Young girls are regularly absent from school throughout their period days due to the lack of sanitary towels, or alternatively find themselves improvising with cloths, newspapers or even dry leaves. Not only are these girls dealing with the lack of materials, they are also faced with unhygienic threats and the social stigma associated with menstruation as “the worst time of the month”. Mina is here with an effort to keep more girls in school, change their lives and save the planet.

Founded by three dynamic women, the MINA Foundation is excited to announce their new campaign aptly titled ‘3000 For Change’. A mission which aims to bring about effective social development. The 3000 For Change campaign is aimed at raising enough funds to be able to educate and donate a Mina cup to millions of girls. The Mina cup is a menstruation cup designed especially for teens and first-time users as a practical solution to hygiene, saving the environment and cost effectiveness. “Mina is softer, more flexible and easy to use. Our aim is to make sure that every girl gets a Mina cup, so she can stay in school for at least 5 years. We want to help girls own their womanity” announces Zaakira Mahomed, co-founder of the Mina foundation.

The campaign will call to action 3000 donors (companies and/or individuals) to donate a minimum of R 3000 towards the Mina foundation targeted to make nine thousand Mina cups which will be distributed to a thousand girls in each province in South Africa, more especially those who are underprivileged and cannot afford to purchase pads and tampons on a monthly basis. “Through the 3000 For Change campaign, we want to be able to reach as many girls in our country, in our continent and the rest of the world” adds Zaakira.

Any company and/or individual interested in contributing towards the 3000 For Change campaign by being a donor, please see banking details below. For any questions or queries, kindly contact Farah Fortune on 074 552 3785 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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