MasterDrive Newsletter - 07 August 2018

MasterDrive Newsletter - 07 August 2018

MasterTips: Red-light-running fatalities

Can greater monitoring of red light infringements result in a decline of fatal red-light-running crashes? Statistics from the USA shed some light on this.

MasterTest: Bike Expressions: the Suzuki SV 650

Following a ride on the slimmer, smaller Suzuki SV 650, Derek Kirkby says it makes for a fantastic weekend bike.

MasterNews: Inaugural EWT conference

The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) will be hosting the inaugural African Conference for Linear Infrastructure and Ecology. The conference will focus on how both people and nature are connected along, across and between different types of infrastructure.


A beggar approaches a passerby. "Sir, will you give me R100 for a cup of coffee?" The man says huffily, "That's ridiculous!" The beggar growls, “Just a yes or no, buddy, I don't need a lecture about how to run my business."

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