MasterDrive Newsletter - 12 June 2018

MasterDrive Newsletter - 12 June 2018

MasterTips: Ways to avoid debris

[Watch] South African roads often have debris on them which can easily become hazards to drivers. This is what you should do to safely avoid debris.

MasterTest: Driving Expressions: The BMW 220D

This car is best described as a driving delight. It offers the appeal of a sporty car with everyday benefits like fuel efficiency.

MasterNews: Winners of the dashcam

During the month of May, clients of MasterDrive were entered into a draw to win a dashcam when they booked training and the winner has been drawn.


A woman buys a new phone and SIM card and wants to surprise her husband with it. She walks into the kitchen leaving her husband in the lounge and calls him. Wife: Hello honey... Husband: I'll call you back later, my wife is in the kitchen...

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