Winter-proof your battery in 5 easy steps

Winter-proof your battery in 5 easy steps

Winter freezes the bones and immobilises the body. Likewise, it can be a killjoy for your car battery, leaving you stranded or running late for work. When the terminals are connected, an electrical current is generated by chemical reactions in the battery. Low temperatures slow down chemical reactions, resulting in an insufficient supply of electric current which among other potential causes, could be the reason your battery acts up in cold weather conditions.

Batteries are more prone to failure in low temperatures and while South African winters are mild in comparison, sub-zero temperatures are not uncommon. There’s not much you can do about the weather, but there’s lots you can do to winter-proof your battery.

Here are 5 tips to keep it charged up all winter long.

Know where you stand

Depending on your driving habits, car batteries generally need replacing every three to five years. Thebattery specialists recommend getting your battery checked twice a year. Before winter is in full swing, get a free battery check at Battery Centre. You can also get your starter and alternator checked for free at your nearest Battery Centre.

Stay warm and keep moving

Park your car in a sheltered area such as a garage or carpark. A fully charged battery minimises starting problems so

go for regular drives to allow the battery to recharge itself.

Have patience

Don’t expect magic on the first turn. If your car won’t start after 2-3 seconds, give it a short rest before trying again.

Make sure there is sufficient starting power for your engine by keeping all electronics, such as your radio, lights and air conditioning off until after you have started your car.

Clean up unwanted resistance

Increased electrical resistance causes your battery to work much harder. Any additional grime or corrosion on your battery terminals only adds to this resistance. Always check for corrosion – a white, ashy substance on the terminals – as it can lead to a poor connection and battery failure. Get your battery checked and cleaned for free at your nearest Battery Centre.

Be ever-ready

Engine oil tends to thicken and flow slower in winter. Enhance the overall working condition of your car with an oil change.Always keep a set of jumper cables close by and get your battery checked regularly.

Don’t let an aging battery catch you by surprise. With a little bit of attention, your battery will go the extra mile and get you where you need to go. For expert advice, visit Battery Centre, South Africa’s leading battery specialists in every season.

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