Keep your cars powered up for a test drive

Keep your cars powered up for a test drive

Large, noisy chargers on a showroom floor definitely detract from a customer’s experience and can ultimately affect your bottom line. Charging Systems Africa (CSAF) have been powering up South Africa with the introduction of a range of intelligent vehicle battery chargers for the general consumer, niche markets and trade. The company announced the arrival of the Norwegian manufactured DEFA SmartCharge battery chargers in 2017 and is now bringing the ShowroomCharger 32A into South Africa.

Guido Brouwers, Marketing Director of CSAF says the new charger will add to the company’s product line up which includes Australia’s Projecta dual battery chargers and the Italian Solbian range of flexible solar charge panels.

The DEFA 32Amp ShowroomCharger will keep the batteries in showroom condition and ready for a test drive at all times.   Brouwers says, ‘It is based on modern switch-mode technology and galvanic isolation and represents the latest battery charging technology. It boasts 95% efficiency and uses a 7-step charging cycle that optimises the performance and durability of the batteries.’

It is also discreet. A showroom needs to be clutter free and easy on the eye which is why the it is designed to fit under the car and the clamp cables can be detached and passed through the engine compartment. And quiet. It has no fan and makes no noise while rubber feet and corners protect the vehicles and the showroom floor.

The good news is that it is also simple to use with only one button and a user-friendly display for monitoring the battery status. As with all of DEFA chargers, it is spark-proof and fully secured against reverse polarity and short circuiting.

Powerful, efficient, discreet and simple, the ShowroomCharger will keep the batteries in well…showroom condition.

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