Adjusted level two is here 

Adjusted level two is here 

MasterDrive is looking forward to the move back to adjusted level two lockdown restrictions. They would like to welcome back any companies that were negatively affected by the higher lockdown levels. 

The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says the last wave was longer and had unexpected effects for many companies in many ways. "It did not follow the usual trajectory that previous waves in South Africa did. Many companies that based their plans around this, may have found themselves ill-prepared.

"It was longer and more violent than the previous two waves. Companies were affected by higher infection levels and were facing longer periods of lockdown at higher levels. Even companies not affected by higher lockdown levels faced numerous and regular isolation periods among employees. Added to this was longer recovery periods for those who were falling ill.”

Despite the challenges faced by the country, MasterDrive anticipates ending off the year on a positive note. “We will continue providing training as we have done since level four lockdown last year. For those whose operations were negatively affected by the adjusted levels, we are ready to resume training with your companies. We have already decided to keep travel fees the same as many more companies require instructors to come to them.

"Whether the higher lockdown levels affected your ability to complete in-car training, or training at all, we’re here to assist you in getting back up to your required health and safety levels. We encourage each company to contact us and share your unique requirements with us so that we can help you meet them."

MasterDrive understands the difficulty many companies faced since the first case of COVID-19 was discovered in South Africa. "It is only if South Africans work together as a strong community that we can reduce this impact as much as possible. MasterDrive aims to do their part by assisting you in whatever way possible in order to reach your requirements and goals for this year despite the challenges faced," says Herbert. 



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