How you can stay energised when load shedding strikes

How you can stay energised when load shedding strikes

Now that Eskom has confirmed that we’re in for five more years of load shedding, South African homeowners and small business owners are bracing themselves for more load shedding blues. Lost productivity, fresh produce going bad, safety issues and the resulting general inconvenience are common.

But, there are standby power solutions available, and each of them can benefit homes or businesses.

Standby solutions just right for you

How you can stay energised when load shedding strikes

Depending on your needs, you can find a standby solution that is efficient, cost-effective and immediate.

“A smart standby solution is essential to any home or business today. People work from home, run businesses from home and prepare home-cooked meals for their families”, said Murray Long, Managing Director of First National Battery. “Not only can the right standby solution keep your power on, but it also serves as a safety net. Alarm systems run off them, and they allow you to contact emergency services in the case of any emergency.”

Which standby solution should you consider?

The energy industry is at a crossroad between providing power and causing further damage to the planet. Standby energy solutions such as solar power or energy storage solutions are sustainable and can be recycled. When looking for a standby solution, it’s important to consider the environment, and in that case, solar storage systems along with inverter power is a great solution, as neither emit harmful fumes.

Also, your standby solutions should meet your immediate needs. Whether you’re working from home or run a small business, you should consider immediate power to prevent any loss of work or productivity, in which case, you should consider a UPS.

Avoid the load shedding blues with a wide variety of standby solutions from First National Battery. Click here to learn more.



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