BI rolls out countrywide stock of IE1 motors from ABB Africa

BI rolls out countrywide stock of IE1 motors from ABB Africa

Leading supplier Bearings International (BI) now has sufficient stock of IE1 motors from ABB Africa to be able to supply the local market in accordance with the new partnership between the two companies, reports BI Offer Marketing Manager Victor Strobel. Already a distributor of ABB Dodge gearboxes, BI has been an ABB Mechanical Power Transmission (MPT) partner since 2011.

Given the existing close working relationship with ABB, it was a natural step to extend this. As a result, BI has expanded its motor range in size to include a 400 V and 525 V offering, now allowing it to supply projects in the mining industry.

Customers will benefit from dealing with a local supplier versus direct imports, plus the availability of quick technical back-up and support. BI’s extensive 42-branch network across South Africa covers all the major mining and industrial areas.

BI is ensuring that its branch network has sufficient stock of the IE1 motors. First-level customer support will be provided by BI’s own sales team and product managers, while second-level support for technical issues will be provided by ABB itself.

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