MasterDrive launches NOCELL

MasterDrive launches NOCELL

The solution to reducing distracted driving

As we look back on USA’s National Safety Council’s international distracted driving awareness month, how successful has each of us been in not using our phones behind the wheel? Additionally, were you successful in ensuring that your employees do not use their phones while driving for work? The difficulty is that without technological advancement aiding you, one cannot be sure.

The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says the challenge is many drivers do not view distracted driving in as serious a light as they should. “Certain drivers will not even consider drinking and driving. Yet, the same cannot be said for using a cellphone and driving amongst a large percentage of these drivers. This is particularly concerning considering various studies promulgate that distracted driving is just as, and possibly more, dangerous than driving while using your phone.

“It is for this reason that MasterDrive is taking proactive steps to change the current situation that South Africa faces by launching their latest product offering - MasterDrive NOCELL. It is an app that effectively makes it impossible for employees to use certain functions on their cellphones while behind the wheel.”

Fleet operators can control how a phone is used behind the wheel. “One can use the app to whitelist certain applications such Bluetooth phone calls and navigation applications. Anything else that can wait until the employee arrives at their destination can be blocked from use such as emails, text messages and social media. The app can even detect a second phone in a vehicle and apply the same restrictions.

“Safety policies that rely on drivers to not use their phones are no longer enough as technology becomes more pervasive and demands on employees grow during COVID-19. MasterDrive NOCELL is the next step in safety strategies.”

MasterDrive NOCELL can be used in conjunction with the current telematics systems of the company. “Fleet operators will receive basic information on their employees' driving behaviours that can be used along with the data from their telematics provider to make informed decisions about training needs.”

Software that takes the decision to use a phone and drive, out of the hands of employees could be game-changing “MasterDrive looks forward to the tangible results that will be seen within companies that take their no-cellphone use while driving safety policies seriously.

“As crashes in the workplace remain a major issue across the world, MasterDrive NOCELL has the potential to make a change to that. We encourage every company to join us in this drive to make a difference,” says Herbert.

For more info on MasterDrive NOCELL email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit www.masterdrive.co.za or click below to watch the video.