SAPICS is embracing the world of online eventing once again in order to bring you SAPICS 2020!

SAPICS is embracing the world of online eventing once again in order to bring you SAPICS 2020!


  • Virtual booths to VIP meeting rooms the FLOOR platform will provide you with the chance to get to meet fellow supply chain professionals from across industry and the world.
  • Designed to offer practical and relevant information by providing you with excellent educations presentations, case studies, panel discussions and fabulous networking opportunities.•
  • Brain of ASCAnation Quiz Night hosted by SAPICS and Smart Procurement. Test your supply chain and general knowledge! Great prizes to be won!

SAPICS Members attend for free. If there was ever a better reason to you renew your membership now it is. 

Supply chain management identified all around the world as something that is critical to the functioning of economy. SAPICS offers you the opportunity to learn from industry experts. More now than ever before has supply chain profession around world has been put to the ultimate test.

Membership of SAPICS enables individuals and companies globally to benefit from the variety of business learning opportunities, events, personal and professional development, networking and brand exposure in a structured and cost effective manner. 

We bring, to you, the very best international and local supply chain professionals who provide, the most up to date content and information on all things supply chain.


  • Education – courses, hands on (site visits), workshops, webinars & conferences
  • Networking
  • Brand Exposure
  • Career centre
  • Community Connect – online networking
  • Covid19 Helpline
  • Access to SAPICS conference past white papers
  • Regular and informative information from SAPICS and our partners


R 900.00 Per Annum (excluding VAT)

As a not for profit company we rely on support from individuals like you. We are passionate about educating, developing and growing the supply chain profession.

Please send me an email in order to assist with your renewal.

Elaine Andrews

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As the SAPICS membership manager, I look forward to welcoming you back to the supply chain community.