Nissan South Africa’s Training Academy creates best in class empowering learning tool

Nissan South Africa’s Training Academy creates best in class empowering learning tool

Continued commitment to skills development during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges particularly with education and training. To address these obstacles, Nissan South Africa’s Training Academy has successfully found an innovative way to ensure that learning and development has not been interrupted. Nissan South Africa has become the first Original Equipment Manufacturer to introduce e-learning that leads to certification.

“As the only South African Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that currently provides e-certification learning, Nissan is leading the charge in the country with the aim to provide dealership and service employees with the correct product knowledge and skills to sell Nissan products and fix the vehicles first-hand, thus helping us to successfully bridge the gap between the dealer and customer’s needs,” says Lizette Crause, General Manager Customer Quality, Network Development & Training, Nissan South Africa.
E-certification combines the current world of daily work and training and enables learners to complete theoretical training, which was previously only available in classrooms, on any device, anytime and anywhere. This flexible and uniquely blended training approach requires the learner to enrol and complete self-guided activities, which need to be uploaded as evidence for the trainer to assess and certify the learner. Thanks to the engaging content which includes videos, learners are also able to complete practical training at their own dealerships: a learning experience similar to what they would have experienced at a training centre.

As the first market in Nissan’s Africa, Middle East and India (AMI) region to successfully leverage and enhance its e-learning platforms to ensure technical and non-technical (sales) training continue, the Training Academy has already trained over 23% of the dealerships in South Africa

Launching this platform was appropriately timed not only due to the coronavirus but because of Nissan’s recent announcement to invest in the South African economy by producing the Nissan Navara locally. E-certification has ensured that training continues as scheduled pre COVID-19, to ensure that the production of the new Navara is not hindered or delayed in any way.

Nissan South Africa has announced a 3 billion Rand investment into South Africa’s economy by locally producing the Nissan Navara. Not only does this have an overall impact of R5.8 billion turnover in the local economy annually, it will also create over 400 jobs.
“E-certification has amplified the support of the new Navara production by training more people regardless of their location and to ensure they gain the knowledge and skills needed.

This is an incredible tool which has displayed that through a pandemic we can still put our best foot forward,” concluded Crause.