ATS appointed as official distributor For Garmin Catalyst

ATS appointed as official distributor For Garmin Catalyst

The new Garmin Catalyst driving performance optimiser is now available from Automotive Technology Specialists (ATS), Africa’s leading motorsport equipment retailer.

The Catalyst capitalises on Garmin’s extensive experience in satellite-based route guidance and offers an all-in-one solution for track day enthusiasts and racers who are looking to improve their technique. As well as GNSS route technology optimised for race circuits, the device is linked to a seven-inch display  and audio output to provide on track coaching with predictive lap timing and voice prompts.

Once back in the pits the Catalyst provides post-session analysis thanks to a 1080p high definition video camera and what Garmin describes as True Optimal Lap to stitch together the best portions of individual laps to create an ideal one: this optimal lap is what the driver could achieve if everything was done to perfection.

Says Heinz Böse of ATS: “Sportsmen of every discipline make use of coaches or coaching tools to boost performance and that’s exactly what the Catalyst does. Garmin needs no introduction when it comes to navigation and related technology, so it is no surprise that they’ve entered the motorsport environment with such a powerful product.”

A number of drivers have already raved about the product, including Stuart Mack, a veteran competitor in VW Challenge. His feedback was overwhelmingly positive: “The initial setup is simple: choose your car, your driver, let the GPS conform the track, and head out. The Garmin does the rest - its crisp and clear display showed my last lap time, my best lap time and real up to the second accurate delta timing.”

Drivers are finding the delta time – or how a current lap deviates from a benchmark lap – especially useful.  Red and a “plus” symbol indicate a slower time while green and a “minus” indicates quicker. The immediacy of the voice prompts coupled to the frequent refresh rate thanks to the 10 Hz logging speed of the Catalyst make it the ideal on-track companion. It is like having a professional race driver in the passenger seat.  

“At ATS, we won’t sell anything that we’re not prepared to use in our own motorsport endeavours. It therefore goes without saying we’re thrilled to have the Garmin Catalyst in our showroom!” concluded Böse.    

ATS is selling the Garmin Catalyst at a special introductory price of R18 999. For sales, contact ATS on 011 670 8400 or Adrian Burford from Stigworx on 083 274 1139.