FMF Newsletter 7 October 2020

FMF Newsletter 7 October 2020
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To all our supporters, members, friends, and the South African public, please take all necessary steps to remain safe and healthy in these very difficult times. 

The FMF has been hard at work researching the impact of the lockdown, especially the impact of regulations on poorer South Africans.

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Unemployment: The dream is still deferredMpiyakhe Dhlamini

The voice of the unemployed in South Africa is largely absent from public debate. The economic aspect of this debate has largely centered around how best to create jobs for the unemployed, yet the people involved in these discussions are the people who would face increased competition from the new workers. The scale of South Africa's unemployment problem likely means any movement towards mass hiring in the economy is going to push wages down, at least temporarily, for existing workers.

What is equally strange, is that the other influential group is not the people who are meant to create these new jobs, but the people who created existing jobs and are the most likely to suffer from competition from the new job creators. There are good reasons why job growth is most often driven by small business, with for example more than two thirds of the non-agricultural jobs in South-East Asia being created by the informal sector.

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