Probe launches advanced battery monitoring solution to save fleet owners major costs

Probe launches advanced battery monitoring solution to save fleet owners major costs

True to Probe’s slogan, “The Complete Power Package’, Probe is proud to announce the launch of an integrated Advanced Battery Monitoring Solution (BMS).

“Keeping a fleet on the road relies on a healthy combination of starter, alternator and battery,” says Probe CEO Rick Rovelli. “Truck breakdowns thousands of kilometres from support mean lost time, and lost money. When it comes to batteries, auto-electrical and industrial power applications, leading battery and rotating electrics supplier Probe continues to raise the bar in the industry. Now, the Probe R&D division has combined off-the-shelf technologies in a system that enables constant monitoring of auto-electrical systems and battery state of health through a cellphone network – saving costs and putting the power of technology to work.”

Rovelli says the team harnessed some of the technology used in the management systems in the Probe IMT Mining Division to create the Complete Power Package Advanced BMS.  The specialist team at Probe will further ensure that systems are custom designed to create bespoke solutions for the needs of fleet owners.

Rovelli says not all batteries are created equal, and for maximum efficiency fleet owners need to consider route conditions, payloads, long haul or short haul.  “In tough African conditions, heat and road vibrations place additional demands on batteries.  We’re finding many fleet managers have decided to upgrade their batteries to EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) and AGM (absorbed glass mat) from standard flooded cells.  In this situation, the Probe range of batteries offers the right solution.”

Contact Rick Rovelli on 011 4530924 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information and a consultation on your power needs.