FMF Newsletter 30 September 2020

FMF Newsletter 30 September 2020
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To all our supporters, members, friends, and the South African public, please take all necessary steps to remain safe and healthy in these very difficult times. 

The FMF has been hard at work researching the impact of the lockdown, especially the impact of regulations on poorer South Africans.

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New FMF article

How the language of lockdown undermines the rule of law Rex van Schalkwyk

South Africa is said to have had one of the harshest lockdowns in the world. Considering the company we keep that is indeed a harsh appraisal. We also have the baneful distinction, together with countries such as China (and some of the neo-Marxist states of the United States) of having endured one of the most authoritarian regimes. The language of lockdown says all we need to know in that regard. The somewhat secretive composition of the Coronavirus Command Council – until it was a secret no more – whose brief it was to advise, to command, or both, was derived, one may surmise, from the equally secretive KGB, whose authority was based upon no law known to man.

Why would the ANC government, which was once so sensitive to the descriptors applied to various government agencies with enforcement capability, such as the South African Police, and the Receiver of Revenue, seek to establish a “command council” as part of the enforcement mechanism of the lockdown? It can only be because its function was not seen as a service to the civilian population, but as an instrument of coercion and enforcement; and so it turned out to be.

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