Lead battery industry is ‘poised for growth’

Lead battery industry is ‘poised for growth’

“Population growth will drive demand for more lead batteries” says Mark Wallace, newly-appointed CEO of global battery manufacturing company, Clarios, in an excerpt released from his presentation at the European Lead Battery Conference.

The Clarios chief executive will also emphasise the important role of lead batteries during this year’s Covid-19 crisis. In his presentation to the conference, which takes place on Tuesday September 22, he states: “This year’s pandemic has actually served to highlight the importance of the lead battery to all our lives.”

“Our industry is poised for growth, with exponential global population growth and an expanding middle class leading to the need for an estimated 200 million more batteries by 2035,” says Mr Wallace in an excerpt released from his presentation at #ELBC.

The Clarios chief said that while many industries have been affected by the economic impact of the pandemic, the lead battery industry has market strength from cost to safety, recyclability, as well as reliability.

He will be joined by more than 50 leading industry figures and research experts who will be providing updates on the latest innovation and updates on lead battery technologies.

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