MEIBC: The SEIFSA (only) standstill agreement (setting the record straight)

MEIBC: The SEIFSA (only) standstill agreement (setting the record straight)

Engineering News recently reported that Seifsa and the five trade union parties to the MEIBC have concluded a 'historic standstill industry main agreement'.

In a previous communique, we had already indicated the practical effect of this agreement on Seifsa members.

However, in light of this most recent publication, we need to emphasize the following: 

  • this is a party agreement binding only the parties thereto, i.e. only Seifsa members (less than 10% of employers in the Industry);
  • it is not an agreement of the Council and can therefore not be enforced by the MEIBC;
  • it is not an Industry agreement;
  • it is not a “main agreement” of the Bargaining Council but simply an agreement between Seifsa and the relevant trade unions; and

it does not bind NEASA members or any employer who is not a member of a Seifsa-affliated organisation, at least 90% of employers the Industry.

It is about time that Seifsa stops misleading the Steel Industry in such a blatant manner.