FMF newsletter 26 August 2020

FMF newsletter 26 August 2020
FMF update
To all our supporters, members, friends, and the South African public, please take all necessary steps to remain safe and healthy in these very difficult times. 
The FMF has been hard at work researching the impact of the lockdown, especially the impact of regulations on poorer South Africans.

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New FMF article

Tread carefully with calls for ‘free data’ because it’s another promise government might not fulfil – Martin van Staden

Government is itself to blame for the precarious position in which South Africa finds itself economically. Therefore, it would be unwise for us to then identify government as the solution that those who are economically disempowered have been waiting for. If we bestow government with more power, particularly the power to force the internet and data service industry to provide ‘free data’, then we can expect the economic malaise we find ourselves in to be exacerbated.

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A horrible budget in horrible times  Dawie Roodt

SAVE the dates 
Thursday, 10 September 2020 POSSIBLE launch of "Economic Freedom of the World 2020" @ FMF – more info to follow
Wednesday, 30 September 2020 PROBABLE launch of EWC second edition "Security of property rights in South Africa: a critical response to expropriation without compensation" @ FMF – more info to follow
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FMF in the media

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