Shifting Gears Webinar Series: Position Your Company for Post-COVID-19 Growth

Shifting Gears Webinar Series: Position Your Company for Post-COVID-19 Growth

By Ashley Reyes

SEMA Education is kicking off a new series of webinars focused on helping aftermarket businesses reopen with confidence. Beginning August 5, the four-part special will concentrate on tactics and concepts that will help businesses emerge from the current economic downturn stronger and more intentional than ever.

In “Shifting Gears: Back to Business,” SEMA members will learn how to build customer confidence, learn new cash-flow tactics specifically for post-COVID-19 growth, discover how to build a larger audience of quality connections and understand workplace best practices that smart leaders are implementing to navigate their companies and employees during times of uncertainty. The webinars run from August 5 through September 2.

Webinar 1: Wednesday, August 5
Building Customer Confidence  

One of the key factors to balancing safety and operating a profitable business is building confidence with customers and teams. In this webinar, leadership development expert Bob Coakley will share best practices and resources that can help build confidence, while operating a business during a pandemic. Coakley will share practical advice, resources and examples that can be applied immediately to instill confidence with customers and teams.

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Webinar 2: Wednesday, August 12
Cash-Flow Tactics for the Automotive Aftermarket Industry to Position Your Company for Post-COVID Growth

In this unprecedented economic downturn, intelligent cash flow management has never been more important. Join CPA and journalist Gene Marks who will discuss the latest trends, technologies and best practices that smart business owners and leaders are implementing to manage their cash flow and build reserves to see them through to future growth.

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Webinar 3: Wednesday, August 19
Digital Do’s and Don’ts During Times of Uncertainty

In this virtual workshop, nationally recognized social media expert Corey Perlman will share specific action that can be taken to build trust, credibility and thought leadership with local communities during times of uncertainty. Participants will learn how to build a larger audience of quality connections, fix online issues that may damage credibility and create a content plan to navigate today’s uncertainty and plan for getting back to business.  

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Webinar 4: Wednesday, September 2
Beyond the Pandemic

Many business owners have been faced with obstacles that have not only impacted their current cash flow, but their longer-term strategies for growth. During this webinar, Gene Marks will provide an update on government, state, and local grant and lending programs, along with the latest and pending legislation for helping businesses overcome the pandemic. Marks will provide best practices and legislation that smart leaders are implementing to navigate their companies and employees, and provide a current analysis of the presidential election and how each candidate’s economic policies will impact businesses over the next two years.

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More details about the webinars, and additional resources to help SEMA members navigate their businesses during this uncertain time, are available at www.sema.org/reopen

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