High-performance adhesives offer quick, cost-effective auto repairs without the need for a workshop

High-performance adhesives offer quick, cost-effective auto repairs without the need for a workshop

A wide range of flexible and cost-effective DIY adhesive products are available from local manufacturer and supplier Pratley for quick, on-the-spot automotive repairs. Many of these products are ideal for automotive repairs in areas where engineering workshops are often unavailable, such as in rural and informal settlements.

Pratley Steel Quickset® is a fast-setting adhesive metal filler and mender that sets very hard and matches the colour of most ferrous metals. It is an ideal product to repair engine and sump cracks. Simply grind a vee in the area of the crack, the same as if you were going to weld it, and then fill it out with the adhesive.

To stop the crack from spreading further, one should ideally drill the ends of the crack. Make sure that the Pratley Steel Quickset® is applied 20 mm past the crack on either side of it. If you have a hole in your sump or gearbox, for example, Pratley Steel Quickset® is a quick repair that takes a few minutes to start curing.

Another product from the range, Pratley Steel Putty is a very strong and highly workable hand-mouldable putty that sets like steel and also matches its colour. It is ideal to build up small pieces of missing or damaged castings and it has good machining properties.

Looking at other automotive products, Pratley National Sales Manager Mark Bell explains that Pratley Wondafix® and Pratley Wondafix Car® are both tough yet flexible epoxy-urethane hybrid adhesives and the only of their kind in the world. They are ideal for repairing cracked dashboards or damaged hoses in the engine compartment.

Being black, Pratley Wondafix Car® can even be used for repairing torn seats and other upholstery that are dark or black in colour. Due to the product having rubbery properties, one of the other great applications is repairing damaged plastic bumpers, adds Mark.

Pratley 1-2-3® is a third-generation acrylic adhesive. This easy three-step bonding system is excellent for aluminium components and will join almost all well-matched surfaces, including mild oily surfaces. It is ideal for bonding rear-view mirrors onto windscreens.

Pratley SP001® Industrial Pack is a medium-curing, general-purpose adhesive with special performance properties such as exceptional resistance to water, diesel and oil and a good resistance to chemicals and acids. It bonds well to most rigid materials.

If you have a battery with a hole or crack in it, Pratley SP001® is your best repair option. Simply grind a vee in the area of the crack and fill it out with the two-part epoxy for quick and easy results.

All Pratley’s products display their bold policy statement which says that the performance of their products must out-perform all others on the world market.