Leisure Wheels magazine goes online

Leisure Wheels magazine goes online

Leisure Wheels, South Africa's much-loved motoring, 4x4 and touring magazine will make the transition from print to digital as of 1 July 2020.

Announcing the decision, Highbury Media Managing Director Tony Walker said a combination of factors were responsible for the consolidation.

'Due to the unpredictable business environment created by Covid-19, shrinking magazine sales, and ever-growing pressure on its revenue contribution, we've made the hard decision to cease publishing Leisure Wheels as a print magazine. The online space is a sustainable environment and readers will continue to see motoring content through its social media platforms and website, leisurewheels.co.za.'

The brand will be overseen by Ray Leathern, Highbury Media's head of motoring content, tasked with consolidating and expanding the company's motoring entities. 'As part of its future strategy, Highbury Media is looking at greater consolidation and more diversity in the way we continue to operate. As a result, the Leisure Wheels brand now falls under Ray, and we are confident he will hone the digital strategy and take it, as well as all the other Highbury Media motoring assets, to new heights', Walker said.

Leisure Wheels is part of the Ramsay Media stable that includes Car and Getaway magazines. Ramsay Media is controlled and operated by Highbury Media. Neither of the other titles is affected by the digital migration.

Leisure Wheels enjoys a healthy digital audience, averaging more the 52 000 unique users per month and has shown steady growth across all social media channels.

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