Yaskawa Southern Africa names new MD

 Andrew Crackett, to head up operations in the role of Managing Director as of 1 June 2020.

The Southern African arm of leading industrial robotics company, Yaskawa, has appointed National Sales Manager, Andrew Crackett, to head up operations in the role of Managing Director as of 1 June 2020. He will be taking up the reins from previous MD, Kurt Rosenberg, who is starting a new chapter within the Yaskawa family’s Swedish division.

With the international COVID-19 crisis certain to upend every sector in ways we are only beginning to understand, Crackett is confident that the robotics industry has much to offer South Africa as we work towards resuscitating our economy.

”In the same way that we have seen the pandemic accelerate the adoption of a work-from-home culture, we believe it too will spur an accelerated move towards robots in the work place,” says Crackett.

Yaskawa is a robotic automation company that provides solutions for businesses' various needs. Founded in Japan in 1915 by Keiichiro Yasukawa, Yaskawa is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial robots, with over 400,000 robots installed worldwide and over 2,500 in South Africa alone since 1991.

Crackett hopes to be able to use his position to accelerate change in the way South Africa works, to meet growing demand in our industries and to establish robotics as an accessible option for South African businesses of all sizes.

“Even small businesses are able to reap benefits from robotic workers in a number of different jobs, from packing and palletising stock to painting and welding.These machines adhere to the strictest safety standards and are able to work consistently 24 hours a day. And as our manufacturers grow, they are able to employ more people, both skilled and unskilled, boosting the economy and providing jobs to the communities in which they operate,” he adds.

Robotics forms an essential pillar of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and with economies, even those in the developed world taking an unprecedented knock in 2020, speed and agility will be key to bouncing back. With its years of experience and Andrew Crackett taking the helm of operations, Yaskawa Southern Africa is well-positioned to help businesses in the region maximise their production and manufacturing.