Beyond Level 3: What next for South Africa?

Beyond Level 3: What next for South Africa?

Growth, jobs and civil liberties under threat


The Free Market Foundation (FMF), while sympathising with government’s concerns regarding the healthcare crisis, believes the lockdown and its knock-on effects have done and will continue to do incalculable damage to the economy and to our democratic institutions. We envisage a South Africa in which:

  • Growth is stagnant, and unemployment and poverty rampant.
  • Land, hospitals and banks are nationalised.
  • “Radical economic transformation” and “structural reform” become the “new normal”, completely ignoring proven free market solutions to poverty.
  • The governing party, having had a taste of the “easy” way to introduce party-political reforms, continues to undermine our Constitution and civil liberties.
  • Rule of Law, already a much-misunderstood and violated concept, is replaced entirely by rule of man.

Influencing the narrative

Since March 27, FMF has added a strong, consistent, and significant voice in the broader civil society resistance to the virtual-overnight stripping away of civil liberties and economic freedoms.

FMF’s COVID-and-Beyond campaign to date has comprised:

  • Research and writing – reports, articles, media releases, CEO statements
  • Interviews on radio and TV
  • Social media activism – Facebook, Twitter, podcasts, cartoons

FMF’s ongoing COVID-and-Beyond campaign, part of our broader Growth Project, comprises:

  • Research and writing for media publication
  • Promotion of our trilogy of publications: Growth, Nationalisation and Jobs Jobs Jobs
  • Promotion and marketing of the Economic Freedom of the World index and findings
  • Lobbying via presentations to and networking with political parties, government officials, political analysts, unions, business, students, academia, associations, and others
  • Special Economic Zones (SEZs): Drafting a “How To” document based on international best practice; lobbying politicians; and preparing proposed legislation, etc
  • Updating Habits of Highly Effective Countries; dissemination and promotion
  • Updating, re-publishing and promoting the FMF’s Laws Affecting Small Business series
  • Revising, publishing and promoting Jobs for the Jobless – Special Exemption Certificates for the Unemployed
  • Promoting a climate of appreciation throughout the country for the principles of good law
  • Identifying problematic provisions in existing and proposed laws and, where feasible, correcting them
  • Inculcating in all public officials and the public an appreciation of the Constitution
  • Initiating a process of systematic review of existing legislation
  • Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIAs): Lobbying government to legislate that RIAs be a requirement of all new legislation
  • Conducting RIAs on existing and proposed legislation / policies to show how laws often have unintended consequences

We would appreciate it if you would consider an ad hoc donation toward the FMF’s ongoing COVID-and-beyond campaign.

Budget for initial phase: R800,000

No amount is too small (or too large!)

Please complete the FORM and email it to me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..