The KYKNet buite ekspo Limpopo and Hankook Land Cruiser Festival

The KYKNet buite ekspo Limpopo and Hankook Land Cruiser Festival

Our correspondence in this regard sent on 23 March 2020 refers.

The current situation as far as the Covid 19 situation goes has forced us to announce that we will be moving the kykNET Buite Ekspo Limpopo’s dates at Sondela to 11 – 13 September 2020. We have also been pro active to obtain another date – 30 October to 1 November 2020 from Sondela,  should the September date also become a problem. Both events will then be moved to take place the same week end.

Both events – The Hankook Land Cruiser Festival as well as the kykNET Buite Ekspo Limpopo will then be presented together at Sondela which can and will be of great benefit to both our brands. For now, everything is going on as normal regarding our planning, exhibitor bookings and logistics organization.

Sondela will be in touch in due course with those of you that made accommodation and camping reservations to make the necessary arrangements.

As we speak the SA 4x4 & Outdoor Show on 29 and 30 August at Zwartkops in Pretoria has not been postponed, but we are investigating new dates as an option should the situation force us to do so.

We trust that everyone understands that this situation is totally out of our hands and we are merely trying to be pro active and make alternative plans to ensure that our events could still proceed in 2020.

On our part, we also urgently request that the whole of South Africa comply with the regulations that have been announced. It may seem harsh and yes we are deprived of many privileges and business opportunities, but according to the regulations there is no other way out at the moment. Let's pull together and stop this virus in its tracks so that our lives can return to normal as soon as possible.