MasterDrive Newsletter - 10 March 2020

MasterDrive Newsletter - 10 March 2020

MasterTips: Protecting against Covid-19

  • As the first cases of Covid-19 are diagnosed in South Africa, MasterDrive has implemented a number of strategies to protect both their own employees and those of clients and ensure business continues as usual.

MasterTest: Sam says it’s a thrill a minute

  • The latest Suzuki Swift Sport has more torque and is an impressive 90kg lighter than its predecessor. It is without a doubt, an energetic, fun and attention-grabbing car to drive.

MasterNews: Master of the Mile crowned

  • The inaugural Emerald Speed Fest was held at the end of February where the first Master of the Mile was awarded. Competitors and spectators thoroughly enjoyed themselves and look forward to next year’s event.


  • A boss told his employee that as a security guard it is the employee's job to watch the office. He is on season 6 but he is not really sure what it’s got to do with security.

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