Stage 8 is a breeze with the right equipment

Stage 8 is a breeze with the right equipment

With many South African’s waking up and checking the loadshedding schedule first, what can be done to keep your power on and get you through the dark?

Stage 8. Is this true?

What is stage eight? Will they rename the kids Lesedi (light) to something else? Will they collect my power bank to use as backup power?

While stage four allows for 4000MW to be shed for just four hours, stage eight is a little different.

Stage eight is when the power grid is under severe strain, and up to 8000MW needs to be shed. In other words, it’s as close to a national blackout as we will get, with some areas without power for up to 12 hours.

What to expect from stage eight?

Considering stage eight leaves cities without power for 8 to 12 hours, the government along with Eskom has implemented measures to prevent situations that could include,

  • Looting and criminal elements
  • Civil unrest
  • A shortage of civil functions that impact hospitals, police stations and public offices.

There’s light at the beginning of the tunnel

While we as a country adjust to the possibility of stage eight, there are innovative and efficient solutions available.

Effective, reliable and innovative alternate power solutions for your business or home will keep you powered up as it should, and those home-cooked meals, movie nights and homework time will continue as per regular scheduled programming.

The best place to look for the right standby solution is via the battery specialists.

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