NanoWiring, KlettWelding, KlettSintering - the metallic velcro

NanoWiring, KlettWelding, KlettSintering - the metallic velcro

NanoWired GmbH is a spin-off from the TU Darmstadt and was founded in 2017. As the first start-up in history, we won the Hermes-Award at Hannover Messe last year with our revolutionary assembly and joining technologies.

Based on 14 international patent submissions, we have developed three basic processes: NanoWiring, KlettWelding, KlettSintering. These enable electrical components to be connected at low temperatures with 0Ω resistance. The central element of this innovative assembly and connection technology are tiny "nano-turf". In the fields of sensor technology, semiconductor, automotive, consumer goods and other areas, we substitute soldering, bonding, welding, gluing and screwing at over 50 companies worldwide, such as BOSCH, SIEMENS, CONTINENTAL, VW, AUDI, HONDA, HUAWEI, NEXPERIA.


Creation of a metallic lawn on any surface (23°C, 2μm/min)


Connection of two substrates prepared with NanoWiring (23°C, 15MPa, 1ms)


Connection, only one substrate with NanoWiring (150°C,15MPa, 2min)


"The double-sided adhesive tape for metals" -> enables the connection of untreated substrates by using KlettSintering (150°C,15MPa, 2min)

In the meantime we have put a 160m² clean room into operation, so that we can now carry out all projects under even more professional conditions.

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