THE TIRE COLOGNE 2020 sets a sustainable note with a broadly-based event programme

THE TIRE COLOGNE 2020 sets a sustainable note with a broadly-based event programme

Future Mobility illuminates the future of tires and wheels

THE TIRE COLOGNE will open its doors for the second time in around three months. Around 500 exhibiting companies from around 40 countries will then present their range of products and services at the leading international tire and wheel trade fair from 9 to 12 June 2020, including nearly all well-known key accounts from the focus segments. However, THE TIRE COLOGNE not only convinces with the quality and depth of the offering. It at the same time makes trends and themes experienceable. The event and congress programme, including star-studded conferences, theme areas and special events, will also provide additional information and emotional inspiration. THE TIRE COLOGNE targets tire manufacturers, tire retailers, car service providers, workshop outfitters, recycling, tire retreaders and all companies involved with the tire and car industry. The international industry trade fair is organised by Koelnmesse and the industry sponsor, the German tire retailers and vulcanisation trade association (BRV).

The event programme of THE TIRE COLOGNE is oriented to questions currently affecting the industry, and, with the planned events, offers real added value to the trade fair in terms of information and communication:

Mobility of the future

How will mobility change in future? And what effects will the changes have on people and society? Above all, what does changed mobility mean for tires as a product? Which innovations and pioneering concepts already exist today? THE TIRE COLOGNE addresses questions of particular importance to the tire and wheel industry with the "Future Mobility" special area. In cooperation with the future researcher, Prof. Sascha Peters, one of the most renowned material and technology experts in Europe, four visionary approaches to how the tires of the future might change will be presented: foldable, airless, sustainable and 3D-printed. There will thus be a 3D-printer on site that "prints" tires from carbon - a futuristic production process as a live experience. Supplementing this, the planned driving course will stimulate active participation with autonomously controlled or electrically-powered vehicles.

Conferences and special events on the topic of sustainability

The theme of sustainability of course plays a decisive role at the Global Retreading Conference on the first day of the trade fair. As a networking event for the global retreading industry, the conference provides insights into the most important technologies, trends and developments of the industry, this time according to the guiding motto of "Retreading in the Circular Economy". In a discussion session with high-level national and EU politicians, the focus will be on themes of sustainability and the basic political conditions for the promotion of retreaded tires.

The "Recycling Forum" offers a complete overview of the decisive aspects in the field of tire recycling. The special area is organised by “Retreading Business” and “Tyre & Rubber Recycling”, the two most important trade journals of the global industry. As of the second day of the trade fair, current trends, new technologies and trade themes will be presented here. To this purpose, renowned speakers will provide exclusive and valuable insights and will subsequently be available for discussion and to answer questions.

The Recycling Chain exhibition this time focuses on end products made of recycled tires. What does the tire still have to offer? What industries use products made of old tires? How big is the respective market? In the exhibition, trade fair visitors will receive insights into innovative solutions for various industries. The main market share is composed of special substrate surfaces for the sports segment. However, materials of recycled tires also play a major role in the construction industry and in the traffic segment. Research is currently being carried out revolving around the recycling of rubber as a component for new tires.

All events on the theme of retreading/recycling will this time take place in hall 9, in which the exhibitors of this segment will also present themselves with their products and solutions.

Practical demos on proper mounting of tires/wheels

Following the positive response to the "Utility Vehicle Tire Mounting" practice demo organised by the BRV and the wdk (German Rubber Manufacturers Association) at THE TIRE

COLOGNE 2018, mounting demonstrations for other tire/wheel segments will take place at this year's trade fair:

  • The focus for the mounting of motorcycle tires will be on the mounting and removal of the rear wheel.
  • In the car segment, attention will be paid mainly to the "wdk-certified mounting of UHP and run-flat tires". Here, BRV and wdk will provide practical information and demos with the support of workshop outfitters and trainers.
  • Last but not least, the BRV, in cooperation with partners, will install a joint "Proper mounting of large tires" action area at the trade fair. Here, the mounting and removal of tires for agricultural and forestry vehicles will be shown at approx. 60-minute intervals. A special vehicle from the segment for the mobile mounting of earthmover tires will also be exhibited here.  

TIRE Stage 2020 – the stage for trends and themes

With a focus on trends and strategies in an increasingly digitalised market, the trade visitor will find solutions for their online marketing and best practice examples for pioneering services that enrich the industry on the TIRE Stage of THE TIRE COLOGNE 2020. The TIRE Stage will primarily also be a forum for the focal themes of the study on the status of digitalisation in five European core markets of the tire/wheel industry recently realised by the Institut für Handelsforschung Cologne (IFH) on behalf of Koelnmesse. Experts will provide an overview of various facets of the thematic areas of digital transformation/digital tools/mobility trends/recruiting specialists here in discussion sessions and brief lectures and subsequently also be available on a one-to-one basis to exchange ideas with audience members.

Learning from one another with the TIRE Store Checks

In order that international visitors can exchange ideas on themes from the tire specialist trade with a practical orientation, Store Checks of select tire specialist traders will be carried out parallel with THE TIRE COLOGNE. With the Store Checks of the companies on site, participants acquire a unique view of processes and can directly transfer the insights revolving around the theme of tires acquired at THE TIRE COLOGNE to their practice. Store Checks will be offered for the offer focuses of car and truck/car tire trade/service. You can find more information and book tickets for the TIRE Store Checks under:

More information at www.thetire-cologne.de

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